My 5 Favorite Specialty Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

My 5 Favorite Specialty Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Since I moved back to The Netherlands and settled down in Amsterdam I’ve been sipping double espressos like a maniac. So many specialty coffee shops to explore. So much coffee to try. Like you might know, Amsterdam is pretty full of specialty coffee. Although definitely less than my previous hometown Melbourne. But in the end I always find like five favorite cafés that I keep getting back to. Now after four months in the Dutch capital I have my 5 favorite specialty coffee shops in Amsterdam.

While I created the list I realized that there are many more other amazing cafés. And I don’t know why I am not going to those. So most likely in a couple of months my list of 5 favorite specialty coffee shops would look differently. So that you won’t find certain cafés in this list, doesn’t mean I don’t like them.

5 Specialty Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Rum Baba (Elandsgracht)

Rum Baba was on my to-visit list for many years. Their first shop was opened in the East of the city. But since the end of 2019 you can find Rum Baba in West on Elandsgracht, and that’s pretty close to my house. The shop is cute and cosy. I love that it looks more like a workshop place, with an open bar where the Barista is more or less standing in the middle of the café. It creates an open atmosphere. There are enough spots to sit down. Every time I have been here I had a nice chat with the Baristas, sipped yummy coffees and got something extra to try. The cakes they sell are also pretty damn good.


Public Space

This pretty new specialty café is located in Amsterdam-Noord. Which makes it even more fun to visit, because you can take the free ferry from Central Station to get on the other side. When I am at Public Space it feels like a little escape. Not just because it’s across the IJ, but also how this café is decorated. It reminds me of the specialty coffee shops in South-East Asia, with all the concrete, hand-made pretty ceramic cups, pretty furniture and cosy sofas. Coffee is used from among others Friedhats, and the cinnamon/cardamom buns are to die for.


Lot Sixty One

An Australian invention in the city. When I miss Australia this is definitely a good café to go to, although it doesn’t really bring back memories of Melbourne. But the vibe is always good here, the baristas happy and chatty behind the counter and the coffee is on point. The banana bread is one of my favorite cakes here and works very good with the coffee. First I really liked the roaster in the middle of the shop, but now I think it would be nice to have some extra space.


Friedhats Fuku Café

The spot the try coffee from micro roastery Friedhats is their own café Fuku. Created by Barista champion Lex Wenneker. Especially under the professionals and coffee nerds (and many locals) this café is popular. The equipment you can find in the shop are next level. A espressomachine that is a collaboration of Kees van der Westen and La Marzocco, a type of grinder I haven’t seen before and a single group La Marzocco only for espressos. This is the kind of no bullshit café which makes my Barista heart light up. I am always impressed with the espresso I have sipped here. And when you are there, try the cornbread with yoghurt and chipotle.



Everybody needs a local specialty café and mine is Toki. I always enjoyed coming here when I was just visiting Amsterdam. See here my blogpost from 2018 with two, Toki and 4850, great specialty coffee shops in Amsterdam. but now that I almost live next door this became my local spot. You find this Japanese inspired café in the neighborhood Jordaan. Typical Amsterdam atmosphere and great to wander around. Toki is using coffee from the Berlin roaster Bonanza and you can always find interesting guest roasters. My go to is a chocolate chip cookie and a single origin double espresso.


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