Next to Specialty coffee, I guess food is my second passion. I mean who doesn’t love food. I can think about it all day, I can eat all day and I love cooking. But sometimes it’s just easy and nice that food is already prepared and in a different way than I normally would make it. That makes food markets the best thing. And what is better than eating on the street? So, Eat Street was the highlight of my week.

Eat Street is a monthly free event in Barcelona. Lately they are changing locations and coming up with new concepts. I also wrote a blogpost about Eat Street in January, which you can read here. This was the first edition in the evening/night (from 19:00-03:00). We arrived around 22:00 I guess and it was full of people, food trucks and drinks. The atmosphere was really good here and I really enjoyed it. On their Facebook page of the event they said you could do some trainspotting, and they were right. Great event, looking forward to the next one!


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