Breakfast! Who doesn’t love it? For me it’s the best moment of the day. The perfect breakfast has it all. A cup of coffee to wake me up, good yummy-for-my-tummy food and a juice for a vitamin boost. If you tell me there is a food truck event based on breakfast, you don’t have to ask me twice to come over. Thanks Eat Street for fulfilling my dream.

Eat Street is an international food truck festival in Barcelona. It takes place every three weeks at Nau Bostik, an industrial raw space just outside the centre. Easy to reach by metro (L1, red line, La Sagrera). A great atmosphere, food, drinks, music, people. And ofcourse coffee. All brought together on this ground.

The last couple of editions all had their own theme, like Hot & Spicy and a Christmas special. This time it was all about breakfast. Great idea. You never can go wrong with breakfast.

What is breakfast without coffee? Right, you can’t come up with the answer either. So, first coffee. On Eat Street you can find one place to get a coffee, at Milk & Coffee. It’s not a truck, but a bike. Really cool. The barista has to keep peddling to make the grinder work. Such a cool system. But I can imagine it is quiet heavy. I’ve ordered a flat white and it was well-made. Good shot of espresso, right temperature and textured milk and great service. The coffee was from El Salvador. Don’t blame me, but I am not a big fan of coffee from El Salvador, but I have to admit it tasted good with the milk.

Now it is time for food. Like said before it is an international festival, so international breakfast. Indian, Mexican, Turkish, Latin-American, Californian and more. Just choose in what mood you are. And the good thing is that almost every truck offers vegetarian options. I am  so bad in making decisions, but after checking out all my options I decided to take a vegetarian simit from Pinhan. Simit is like a turkish bagel and it was filled with olive tapenade, feta cheese and tomato. Super yummy for my tummy! My friends enjoyed a breakfast burrito from Killer Burrito and I could see in their faces that it almost killed them of happiness.

It was quiet cold and windy that day, so when my friends were enjoying a cold fresh beer I took a chai latte to keep me warm. I love chai latte and wherever I go I try them out. I have to say, this one from Masala’73 was really good. A bit too sweet, but very authentic. It totally did it’s job, it warmed me up.

Even if it’s breakfast all day long, at some point breakfast time is over and it’s ready of the next step. No, I don’t mean lunch. I mean it’s party time, if you’re up to that. At Eat Street good party is guaranteed. The DJ’s mostly play like deep house, electronic music, what totally suits the industrial atmosphere.

For who is up beer, you are at the right place. For who is into something else, at the bar they are preparing Bloody Mary (bloody spicy!), Mimosa or Bellini.

Next edition will be on the 11th of February. Bring an empty tummy and a good mood and be ready for some fire! Yes, up next bbq time!

Nau Bostik > c/ Ferran Turné, 11
12.00 – 23.00



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