Howdy, it’s time for a coffee break. And not the type of coffee break that you think, like having a coffee with a biscuit on the side. No, I need a break from coffee. I hear you thinking: Uh what? Let me explain.

Are you breaking up with me?
A dream has come true. Working with Specialty Coffee. Working for Nømad Coffee. Before I’ve started here every day was about coffee. Commercial coffee during my job and Specialty Coffee in my free time. I loved going around to the coffee places to get an awesome coffee, or prepare something at home. Than write about it for my blog and later making videos for my YouTube channel. During work I wasn’t drinking lots of coffee, because I wasn’t a big fan of this blend. When I started working at Nømad everything changed. Lots of coffee during workdays and still my free time coffee habits like before. It got out of hand. I got really addicted and started to feel it in my body. Super anxious all the time and not really enjoying a special cup of coffee anymore. Trying to do some detox, but actually didn’t wanted to do a detox. Until two weeks ago. I had two, seperated, non-coffee days during a week. I realized I have to do this more often, because it made me feel better.

I also got to this point that I couldn’t find the joy in going for a coffee in the weekend, or joining a coffee meeting. It started to feel more and more like an obligation. I had to do it for my blog and vlog. And to catch up with the people from the coffee scene. Networking. Going there for my blog, but couldn’t write down any word down anymore. Still enjoying making my weekly vlogs, but more about other stuff than coffee. And I love the editing part. Slowly getting more confused. Slowly starting to feel like breaking up with my dear coffee friend.

Since a few days it starts to be more clear and I start to understand it a bit better. Ready to make a decision. Coffee and me, we are taking some time apart for now. Going our own ways in the weekend. Don’t get me wrong. During the workweek my heart is still devoted to coffee, it’s just for the weekend. Like an open relationship. Seeing other people. Doing other things.

Find a hobby girl
Finding new things for in the weekend. How’s that going? Well, to be honest and you may have seen in my latest vlogs, I’ve been partying quite a lot lately. Dancing, meeting new people, it really helps to clear my mind. Or maybe it was just to avoid what’s really going on. Anyway I figured it out now. Ofcourse that’s not what I want to keep doing. There are a lot of things that I like to do and that I forgot about, because coffee was quite possessively. Lately I’ve started to do more with fashion again. It helps me to be creative. Spotting trends, going to flea markets, remake clothes or DIY projects. Spending hours on Pinterest and creating outfits. I have a degree in Fashion Management and it’s always been a big passion of me. Next to that I am starting again with reading, drawing and photography. I also hope to start doing yoga and meditation soon again. These are all things that makes me happy, keeps me from the street (or on the street). With the weather changing, I think these are great hobbies for wintertime. With a cup of coffee of course. We still keep seeing eachother.

So, no, I am not breaking up with you my dear coffee. We take our ways and find time together. What this basically means is that I won’t join any coffee events for a while in my free time. I will spend this time to explore other things, like I was doing lately actually. I hope that slowly I can find the joy in going to coffee events again and start writing passionated about coffee again. For my weekvlogs it doesn’t change a lot, because my latest vlogs were already not full of coffee anymore. So you will see more of my new hobbies and I will explore other things. I am still a barista and I still love exploring. The Exploring Barista keeps going on!


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