The Barn Berlin specialty coffee gift box unboxing

To do a coffee unboxing is so much fun. I was really excited when I received a giftbox from The Barn Berlin. And I found some really nice specialty coffee beans inside this beautiful box.

I have to say unboxing this package from The Barn was one of the most pleasant gifts I ever got. First of all this smaller pretty box came out, so I could unbox another box. When opening this one I found so much stuff inside. A lovely handwritten card, a little beautiful The Barn book, some brewing guide cards about aeropress, chemex and cupping. And not just one bag of coffee, but there were two inside!

The Barn Berlin Specialty coffee Gertrudes Dos Santos Brazil

COFFEE #1 (sample)
Origin: Tanzania
Finca: Zambeze PB (peaberry)
Roast: espresso
Process: washed
Variety: Kent

Origin: Sao Paulo, Caconde, Brazil
Finca: Gertrudes dos Santos
Roast: filter
Process: natural
Altitude: 1200 – 1340 meters
Variety: Red Bourbon

“Sitio Boa Vista sits on top of Zani Mountain overlooking Caconde. Natural springs and pristine forest mark the landscape. Gertrudes is a pioneer in Specialty Coffee and had a strong impact on her region since 2006. Our microlot is outstanding with notes of caramel, orange blossom and red grapes. The mouthfeel is silky with a lingering aftertaste”. – The Barn Berlin webshop

I was very excited about trying the coffee from Tanzania, because I had a Tanzanian coffee once before and it was amazing. The coffee was a bit a mix of Kenya and Ethiopia. The fruity and juicy flavors and lot’s of acidity like Kenyan coffee, and some floral notes like coffee from Ethiopia. I’ve prepared a cupping with the sample, because these beans were roasted for espresso. To find the right recipe with a sample I probably won’t have enough beans, so cupping would be the best option. There was also a cupping guide card inside the giftbox, so it was perfect!

The Barn Berlin specialty coffee beans Tanzania kent Sambewe

As I expected, I loved this coffee. It was exactly what I expected. Fruity, juicy, blackberry, sweet, acidic. How I like my coffees. It was nice to try it in the cupping. I just had to keep in mind that this coffee was roasted for espresso and I would love to try this coffee as an espresso. I think it would be heaven in a cup.

I don’t wanna be picky and judgy, but the first thing I thought was hmmmm a Brazilian coffee for filter. I have to admit that this normally doesn’t make me very enthusiastic and it wouldn’t be the coffee that I would choose. That’s why I like to receive coffees, so I can try something different. Something that can surprise you. Where you literally had no expectations from. And I got surprised. I used my aeropress to brew this natural Brazil.

The Barn Berlin specialty coffee blogger

My new motto is ‘don’t judge a coffee by his origin‘, because I got blown away by this natural Brazilian filter coffee. Super sweet,  delicate and a little fruity. This coffee works perfectly for filter and I had to hold myself not to drink the whole jar of this magic liquid called coffee.

Special thanks to The Barn to send me this amazing box with super yummy coffees!


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