It’s getting closer to Christmas and what’s better than unwrap or unbox something  and not knowing what’s inside? This coffee exchange felt like my pre Christmas present.

I’ve met Sarah here in Barcelona just because we are both coffee lovers and professionals. Next to that Sarah is a very loyal follower of my blog. Super sweet! Now she is back in the US and she and her colleagues were interested in a coffee exchange. How  could I say no to that? I love sending and receiving coffee from all over the world. So, that was the start of this second unboxing video.

I received this coffee from Honcho a restaurant that is roasting their own coffee. How cool is that?! Latin street food and coffee is what their concept about. Sound like a dream I think. What they say on their website:

I’ve received a natural Ethiopian coffee roasted for pour over. To brew this coffee I used the kalita. You can check in the video below what I think about this coffee.



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  1. Guapa, so glad you liked our coffee! We use kalitas here at Honcho too, so it’s funny that you gave it a try that way by chance. Let’s do this again soon!

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