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The specialty coffee scene is growing in Barcelona that’s clear. This week I’ve been talking with Anete from 80 Plus and she will explain you what are the values and goals from this Barcelona based roastery.

On Tuesday I had a meeting with Anete from 80 Plus and with Valentina from Dalla Corte (in the showroom) to try out some coffees and have a girl power coffee talk. It was fun talking coffee with two other passionated coffee girls. Anete explained me about the two new Ethiopian coffees they have, Santa Heleanna (washed) and Hemingway (natural). We would work with these coffees on the upcoming event Velle Terre (you will see that in next weeks vlog). So, we’ve tried them out and Anete explained on camera for all of you what are the values of 80 Plus.

80 Plus roastery Barcelona Specialty coffee


And on Wednesday, after three days of rain, it was finally sunny and I decided to enjoy the day and make it my perfect day. My favorite bakery, read a book, walk in the sunlight, buy Kinfolk for inspiration for my barista manual and ofcourse some coffee. It was time to visit the new and improved Nømad Coffee Lab. They have been renovating the place for more or less two weeks and I have to say they saved nothing. The place looks completely different. I think it’s a good move. Although my nostalgic feelings are destroyed. I’ve been working in the “old” space for 1,5 years and when I walk in now I don’t get the memories anymore. But I think it’s good. New staff, new store, new vibe. It’s clean, open, minimalistic. It feels bigger when you enter, because there is no big espresso machine on the bar, but an integrated modbar. I can imagine that for some people it’s hard to adapt if you come here for year for you daily dose of caffeine. For me it felt good from the first moment. Same coffee and my fav barista girls behind the bar.

Friday is the day for vegan doughnuts at Espai Joliu and finally after months I had my sugary vegan happy moment!



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