Coffee table books: Standart

Coffee table books: Standart

What’s better than sipping a beautiful cup of coffee and reading a coffee book at the same time? I can’t come up with something better, can you? Maybe combining it with pancakes and the sound of raindrops on your window, in bed? Okay Im losing track.

Let me introduce you to Standart Magazine. First of all it’s not standard at all, but you will see that later yourself. Standart is an independent print magazine about the beauty of coffee culture. Yes, beauty it is. The culture and the magazine. Same as Solo (Coffee Table #2), I prefer to call Stardart a bookazine.

When getting Standart in your hands you get this luxious feeling which you don’t get with every magazine. This feeling is included in the price of €11. The cover is beautiful and colorful, with letterpress letters so it feels like you really have something in your hands. From opening the bookazine and start reading you will get in the story of Standart immediately:


Standing for the art of coffee

Once upon a time, there was a period of dark coffee and socialism
in Czechoslovakia, and that was when the ‘Standard Coffee Blend’
was born. The coffee was, well, let’s say horrible. However, it served
as the very beginning of a coffee drinking culture
in the part of Europe we come from.

It’s been a long road and we’ve taken huge strides since then.
Specialty coffee and the lifestyle of third wave cafés are knocking
at our doors. We would like to show people that our passion is not
posh or hipster – good coffee can be a standard for every cup. 


One of the reasons I bought this edition of Standart is because there is an article inside about Costa Rica. You might think so what? But I wanted to read this to get some inspiration and background information, because I’m planning a trip to this country! Ofcourse I can find lot’s of info online, but what’s better than to sit down put all electronic devices away and just read.

The article gives lots of information about the history of coffee in Costa Rica. The writer, Perry Czopp, is describing the change and developing in coffee in Costa Rica in the last couple of years very well. I can almost visualize the things that he is describing. I’m really looking forward to see this in real.



Like I already said Standart isn’t standard at all. The bookazine is super diverse. From a article about discrimination behind the bar to a coffee/citytrip to Berlin. From a Summery recipe to a report about bad coffee, and believe there is much more. This magazine takes you on a journey and for sure you’re gonna get on board and enjoy the travel.



Every article has something interesting to tell and it’s all well-written. Next to the one about Costa Rico to give me some inspiration, I really got some inspiration and good-vibes from Eden-Marie Abramowicz. She got interviewed from Meet Your Barista. That girl worked her ass up in the coffee industry and she really inspires me to do the things that I really want. Thanks Eden-Marie!



There is much more inside, but you have to read that yourself. That’s much more fun anyway.

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