Coffee table books: SOLO Magazine

Coffee table books: SOLO Magazine

Same table, but in a different color and with a different book. One of my first blogposts on The Exploring Barista was writing coffee book reviews. I really like the idea to show you what I have on my coffee table, what I am reading and where I get my inspiration and knowledge from. Let me introduce you to Solo.

My first book review was about The World Atlas of Coffee and I still consider this book as the coffee bible. I’ve learned so much from it. Up next is Solo, but this isn’t really a book though. They call themselves a magazine, but I would rather say they are something in between. Solo gives you a more luxurious feeling than a magazine, due to the quality of the paper, the size of the book and the design. Bookazine? Does that exist? I will call Solo a bookazine.

The first edition of Solo was born back in 2012, which was a great success. They sold many of them and people kept asking for them. Even after all these years, when customers were reading the “old” issue, they ask me where they can buy it. Unfortunately they couldn’t, but luckily now they can. A brand new one!

Editors in Chief Bea Bascuñán and Albert Jornet are clear about the fact that they aren’t coffee experts. They are coffee lovers and they love the story behind coffee and they love to share that with the world. Like me. Although I consider myself a coffee expert. And that’s why I love this book, magazine, bookazine so much. The love for coffee, the love for sharing and the love for writing, and photography.

Solo is created in Barcelona and it started, and still is, a small self-publishing, independent and self-financed project. It all comes from passion, interest and motivation for specialty coffee (guys I love you!) and they want to continue with this project. After the success of the first issue they are back and they decided to make it a periodical magazine (guys I love you even more!). Their goal? Have enough support to continue publishing the magazine annually and continue to expand the coffee culture (do I have to say more about loving you?).

There is lot’s of information in this bookazine. Articles, interviews, a coffee guide, recipes. Maybe they are not experts on coffee, but that’s why they get help from the coffee professionals from Spain. So it doesn’t matter if they are coffee experts or not. Solo team is an expert on how to create a beautiful easy to read magazine.

Another cool thing about Solo is that it’s bilingual. No, there are not two versions. It’s inside the magazine. Written in English and in Spanish. The main language is English and after every article you find it translated on the yellow pages. How brilliant.

I think I’ve said enough and it’s time for you to read it yourself isn’t it? And I think it’s pretty clear what I think about Solo. I am very curious what you think about it. You can buy Solo online and in the Nømad stores for only 12 euros. Good coffee talk guaranteed. Publications for Pleasure.

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  1. I would love to read this bookazine (love this word too)!!
    Is there any in Argentine? I don’t think so 🙁
    Great blog!

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