Coffee ground body scrub

Coffee ground body scrub

Taking the love for coffee to the next level by getting covered with coffee ground, naked, for a body scrub. They say it is detoxing. I can imagine that if I had pucked of the smell of burned coffee it was definitely detoxing.

The thing about traveling the world as a solo backpacker is to try new things. Well I am pretty open-minded and curious but with the years I found myself a bit more careful and picky. I mean I know my own taste. I know what I do and don’t like or what I won’t like. So I traveled to Thailand. What to do in Thailand? No, I don’t mean body shots on a crazy party Island. I mean massages. A real Thai massage. I told myself that I wanted to try this although I don’t like strange hands touching my body. I’d like to walk around with a sign around my neck which says: please don’t touch. I only had one massage in my life, which was pretty good and I kind of knew the lady so it was easier. Anyway there I was in Thailand and I didn’t get a massage. I wasn’t ready for it. It was already so hard to communicate with the sweet massage girls. I couldn’t see myself laying there on a bed, naked, touched by a stranger who I couldn’t communicate with. So 0-1 for me for not trying new things.


If I cared or felt guilty? Not at all. Like I said I know now what I do and don’t like and I am not going to force it. It’s my life. Can you here the song in your head now as well? Now I am here in Lombok Indonesia on a yoga retreat. Who said I couldn’t try new things. I always wanted to do a yoga retreat and I felt ready for it. Guess what, there are massages included in my retreat. I think it makes it easier that this is an actual spa which makes me feel more comfortable. So there I was lying on the bed with my disposable underpants feeling a mix of nerves, shame and proudness all at once. I have to say it was a weird combination. As soon as she started I was like okay this is why I don’t like strangers touching my body but on the other hand I was like this is quite relaxing. I tried to embrace the massage. After one hour of relaxation it was time for my coffee ground body scrub. I can tell you that this was the strangest experience I ever had as a barista. Customers asking for half normal half decaf coffee is strange, but this was next level.


The scrub was cold and heavy. As soon as the girl started scrubbing my body I started smelling the coffee, but not in a good way. Not the kind of way like oh such a fruity citric Kenyan coffee. No this reminded me of a burned dark coffee. A blend of arabica and robusta. I was lucky I didn’t had to drink it, but can you imagine my whole body covered in this coffee ground? I think it even got between by butt cheeks. They say that the caffeine inside it helps reduce cellulite. Well I think there was plenty of caffeine in this coffee. The smell got more intense and I tried to focus on the feeling instead of the smell. But I could only think about the days in Costa Coffee. Where my not always very smart colleagues forgot to clean the coffee bin. You opened it the next morning and this intense smell of coffee waste filled your nose, it was only 6:30 in the morning and you could even throw up now. That’s the memory I got when laying on that table, naked, covered in coffee ground, getting touched by a stranger. Trying new things. I think I keep it simple for the next weeks.

Coffee ground body scrub recipe

If you are really into trying this (maybe use some high quality nice smelling coffee?), you can also try this at home! I found a recipe for you on

1 cup of coffee ground
6 tbsp coconut oil
3 tbsp sea salt of sugar

1: Combine the dry ingredients.
2: Melt the coconut oil in a microwave if solid, and add to the dry mix.
3: Mix well.
4: Scrub it, scrub it, scrub it!

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