Coffee brewing with Sibarist

Coffee brewing with Sibarist

Brewing some coffee is always fun, but what if we can make it more fun? And pretty? With Sibarist that is possible! A beautiful designed brewing stand will help you to not only brew better specialty coffee, but also have more fun.

There are quite some brewing barista tools on the market, but let’s be honest the affordable ones are made of plastic and I never get any further than checking two or three famous brands for stuff. And don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind to put all of this things in my future brewing corner in my future house, but I never found something that pretty that I would even use as a decoration piece for my future house. I keep saying future, because with my nomadic life and plans I am not sure what the future will bring me. Will I ever own a house? I’m loosing track my friends. Long story short, I found the perfect brewing and decoration piece and I had the honor to test and review it here on The Exploring Barista. This blogpost is created in collaboration with Sibarist. But as you know me I’ll be always honest and not afraid to give my opinion.



Let me first introduce you to Sibarist, the company behind this pretty brewing stand. Sibarist was born in Barcelona and was created out of a passion for coffee and a vocation for product development. The two owners describe themselves as coffee lovers who have combined their two passions, coffee and product design, to transform the coffee experience, based on real shared experiences.

What I love about the vision of Sibarist is that the importance and knowledge of the origin, how the materials are treated, the qualities which make it special and the people who intervene in the process are fundamental elements to make the products. They want to attach the same importance to them as the attention that they pay to the coffee that they consume. So that, in the end, everything is in harmony; They believe that the whole shapes the experience. Isn’t that lovely?


Glory Stand by Sibarist

Sibarist has several amazing products in their assortment at the moment and I had the honor to try out the Glory stand. A pretty stand that makes brewing V60 or aeropress not only more fun, but also easier. The Glory stand is made out of ash wood and aluminium. I love that they added a small paper to the package with information about the product, like attention, materials, how to clean and general conditions. The Glory stand contains only three pieces and it’s super easy to assemble, so no Ikea traumas will come up!Glory stand Sibarist review by The Exploring Barista



Let’s brew! To try out the Glory stand I’ve used my aeropress. The stand also works really good with a v60. I’ve tried this at my job at Yirga in Breda and I was very happy with the result. I just don’t have v60 at home, but it was good to try both. So, the aeropress it was. I used my regular recipe of 18 gram – 250 grams of water. Some Guatemalan beans from Bonanza. The first time I’ve used the Glory stand I was so enthusiastic that I threw the ground coffee into the aeropress and realized I forgot to put the stand on my scale. That’s the only thing that is a bit uncomfortable.

The brewing stand looks amazing on it self, but not so much on top of a scale. But during shooting and brewing I didn’t forgot to put it on the scale. So the right amount of ground coffee was inside the aeropress. Pouring the water. Don’t forget the blooming and stiring. Adding the rest of the water and taking the stand of the scale to close the aeropress. Now waiting 2 minutes. Pressing. It’s very stable and comfortable with the Glory to do this. Brewing is ready! Time to pour the coffee in a cup. Don’t be afraid to take the jug out of the Glory stand, because the last drops of coffee will fall on top of the filter. There is a special designed space, which is easy to clean, under the filter. Pouring the brewed coffee into the handmade ceramic cup I’ve got from Studio Emma Sophia. She is my colleague at Yirga and I am in love with her ceramics.

Brewing aeropress Glory stand Sibarist

Sibarist Glory Stand brewing aeropress The Exploring Barista

Studio Emma Sophia ceramics coffee cupBrewing with The Exploring Barista Glory stand SibaristGlory stand Sitarist brewing aeropress The Exploring Barista Studio Emma Sophia cup

That was brewing with Sibarist. Next to the fact that it’s a pretty stand, it’s also functional and it makes brewing much more fun. The only disadvantage for me is that it doesn’t fit so good on my scale. An integrated scale, or something that fits better would be nice. I love the combination of the wood and aluminum. It’s easy to clean and you can either use it for v60 or aeropress. I am a big fan of the Glory stand. Sibarist also has another stand in their collection and several wooden trays and tampers. You can find it all in the webshop. I will end this blogpost with the motto of Sibarist: Extract your passion!

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