Sometimes things are not going the way you’ve planned, but they turn out better. I got some bad news on Friday..

I’ve started the week very productive with editing my vlog with some nice breakfast at Hole Bcn. It’s a specialty coffee shop in Eixample where they use coffee from Onna Cafe. I was drinking a double espresso, natural from Burundi. And I was happily surprised. It was a really nice coffee and very good prepared.

Tuesday was a day of appointments and walking around in the city. I took my morning coffee at this really cute coffee place Frenesi Cafe where I still had to go. The cafe is owned by a family from Venezuela and they are very passionated about what they do. Coffee from Tusell Tostadores is used. Great service and great ambiance.

Frenesi Cafe Barcelona Specialty coffee

Unfortunately on Wednesday I woke up with migraine, so took it easy all day. Thursday I started the day with a coffee at La Tapicería which is around the corner of my house. Had to make some phone calls for the upcoming new job, but no answer so I just enjoyed my coffee from Colombia by Familia Osorio. In the afternoon I went for a walk and visit my friend Mireia at Súper Coffee and Food. We had a lovely coffee chat and a glass of cold brew. Súper is using coffee from Café de Finca and Hidden Café.

Friday was a no coffee day, because I was having quiet some stress about the new job (I still didn’t know if it was going to happen, because of a radio silence from the company). So, I took it easy on the beach and in the evening they would call me. Unfortunately they gave me some bad news and told me that the project was off the table. I was literally devastated. I was all ready to move back to The Netherlands for this job. I quit all my contracts and was selling all my stuff. Friday eve was about being sad, being angry and making a new plan. But to be honest deep inside I new something was up. So in the last two weeks when preparing my moving back I was already thinking what will I do if suddenly this job won’t happen. I knew I was going back anyway, because it felt like I had to. Something you just know it’s time for a new adventure.

On Saturday I woke up angry, but with new energy. I knew all along what I really want. It wasn’t about this job, but it was about traveling. I was going back to The Netherlands anyway and I will focus on making money, so I can make the travel of my life! Funny fact is, that they I’ve met with Jorien, a girl from The Netherlands that I’ve met on Instagram, and she traveled to the countries I wanna go only couple of months ago. Good vibes! In the morning I took my coffee at Syra in Gracia and after meeting Jorien I met Linda at the beach. We took our dinner at Van Van Market in Parc de la Ciutadella. It was such a great day!

The Exploring Barista Barcelona

I didn’t had any Sunday plans yet, but I got invited for a birthday party from an ex Costa Coffee colleague. It was great to catch up and after we all went to Brunch in the City. I was so happy to see all these people again and go the Brunch one more time before leaving Barcelona. The perfect closure of a really nice week!

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