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The first specialty coffee shop in my own province Zeeland. I can’t be happier!
I grew up in the south of The Netherlands in the province Zeeland. I keep the name of the village for myself, because it’s like a little spot on the map. But while I am proud of my province, it’s never been easy. I moved to the other side of the country to start studying

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It was time to go back to my roots. Time for some family and friends time in The Netherlands. But I never go back without crossing off some cafés back home. I still have a never ending specialty coffee shop list, but it’s good to have options right? One place that was very high on my list was White Label Coffee, and now I can cross it off!

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I might be a Dutchie, in heart and soul, but there are so many cities I never explored in my own country. Now I don’t live in The Netherlands anymore it’s kind of aloud to be a tourist in my country and I totally take advantage of this. I’ve explored Rotterdam for one day and one night, and to be honest, this industrial city stole my heart.

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