Specialty coffee tour Bangkok

Specialty coffee tour Bangkok

Such a big city and full of coffee places, it was time to go back. This time I wasn’t alone. Resi from The Way To Coffee took me on a coffee tour.

I wasn’t done with Bangkok after Café Hopping part 1. I couldn’t be happier to meet Resi in the city and spend two days with her. It was so nice to see a familiar face and to share our love for coffee. I knew that this café hopping had to be filmed so you can see our little coffee adventure at the end of this blogpost. As you can imagine life doesn’t always goes about roses, neither does a coffee tour. We had some awesome experiences and some what-a-shitty-pity. But that’s life and we are not crying about it, so shouldn’t you. I show you my two favorite cafés of this tour. Because I go for quality of quantity. And quality and honesty is what you get on The Exploring Barista.



Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well that would be Wallflowers Café. I’ve never seen such a beautiful, cosy and lovely smelling café in my life. If you think how could coffee and flowers work? Go to Wallflowers and you will know. Perhaps they have a floral (Ethiopian?) coffee on the grinder, take a piece of cake covered with flowers, sit your ass down next to some flower pots and smell the combination of coffee and flowers. Life isn’t getting any better believe me. We’ve shared a beautiful natural processed Thai coffee (I am not sure if it was a single origin) and a piece of carrot cake. I couldn’t be happier. At this lovely café they are pulling shots from a beautiful Modbar.Wallflowers Cafe Bangkok specialty coffee guide thailand modbarWallflowers Cafe Bangkok specialty coffee flower shop



What I’ve realized is that it’s easy to meet a barista champion in Thailand. They are very devoted to keep working as a barista, show what they can do, keep learning and maybe have their own shop or are co-owners. Same for Factory Coffee. Resi took me there, because she met Athip on the World Of Coffee In Amsterdam last year where he was competing. When we visit Factory, this Thai champion was also in the shop and he prepared a chemex for us with coffee beans from North Thailand. A sweet and full body coffee with notes like plum, orange, black tea and cane sugar. Very sweet aftertaste. To complete our coffee experience here at Factory we got a bottle of cold brew made with panama Gesha beans and a cold coffee with milk. Both in pretty glass bottles. I am not a big fan of milk, but Resi loved the coffee with milk in a bottle. This cold brew was totally my thing. Light brewed, fruity and acidic. What I loved about Factory Coffee is the eye for little details. Pretty cups, good service, interesting drinks and I even saw a Barista finishing a cold coffee at the table. This café brought quality to a next level for me. Barista champion Athip from Factory Coffee Bangkok BKKFactory Coffee BKK specialty coffee bangkok guidePanama gesha cold brew Factory Coffee BKK specialty coffee Bangkok Thailand guide

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  1. Amazing, I would love to see what you meant about the guy finishing the drink at the table and I wanna see that menu thing.

    1. Thanks! The barista did the last steps of the drinks at the table in front of the customers. I think he shaked it and poured it in a nice glass. It was amazing.

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