Nowadays you can buy everything on Amazon. Although I don’t have that much experience with this website, I don’t have any experience with buying specialty coffee on Amazon. Barista Mondays asked me to check it out.

With a growing specialty coffee scene and the large range of roasters nowadays there is a lot of choice. There are also different ways to purchase specialty coffee. You can visit a roastery, buy the beans at your favorite coffee shop or buy coffee online. I’m going to explore the online coffee market, because there are several options.

  1. Directly from the webshop of the roastery of your choice.
  2. Coffee subscribes or coffee boxes like The Coffeevine
  3. On Amazon.

I think these are the most common online sources. If I forgot something, please let me know!

Barista Mondays is not only an Instagram account, but it’s project that want to offer good coffee on Amazon. So, good coffee is  available for everybody. They offered me an Amazon gift card, so I could buy two bags of coffee of my choice through the website and review my experience. I was very curious, because after doing some research online I could find anything about buying specialty coffee on Amazon. In my video you can see how the process of buying is going, how and when the package arrives and what is my opinion about it. I didn’t really made clear the pros and the cons, so I will do that in this blogpost.


  1. You can order coffees from different roasters all at once
    No need for different orders, tracking codes and shipping costs, because if you buy on Amazon it all comes in one package.
  2. Easy peasy
    Have you noticed how easy Amazon works? Just click, click, click, order, done!


  1. You can’t check the roasting date
    Although you would have the same when ordering directly from the webshop of the roastery, but it would be easier to send an email to this roastery and ask about it. With Amazon you don’t know who is behind the trade.
  2. Bit more expensive
    After order the coffee on Amazon I’ve check the price difference. If you would order directly from the roastery it would be almost 1,50 euro cheaper. Although I am not sure if that would be the same if you order from another country and the shipping costs will be more expensive.


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