Because I am a bit behind with my weekly vlogs, this is already two weeks ago. But it was a week of lot’s of food and also a lot of sake and like usual lot’s of coffee. New in my vlogs is Brewing Time where I just talk a bit about my day, brew some coffee and explain a bit what I do.

Next to all the coffee I had this amazing dinner with the Nømad team at Cooking in Motion. Everything here is about sake (and good food ofcourse). The dishes were too beautiful to eat, but so delicious. Every round was combined with another sake. You can imagine what that does to me. Tipsy yes. But it was amazing. Thanks to Sussie and Sebastian!

I also started a vegan challenge on the first of October. In this vlog you will only see my first day. It’s going well. But you will see this on Friday, when another vlog is online!


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