I want to become a digital coffee nomad which means; a coffee and travel blogger, vlogger, barista, barista trainer and consultant on the road. That’s my dream!

The moment I lost everything I knew I had to listen to my heart. What do I really want? I didn’t had to think so hard. I knew it. I already knew it. It was time to listen to my heart and follow my dream. It’s time for a new chapter in my life. Chapter Digital Coffee Nomad. And from now on I take you with me on this journey.

In this new serie on my YouTube channel I will take you on my journey to follow my dream. In the months before the big day, November 26th, it’s all about prepare myself for this trip. Fixing papers, vaccinations, pack my backpack and save some money. Every chapter will be about something different.

Let me know if there is something you would like to know or if you have any tips for me!

To be part of my dream, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, so you won’t anything of my journey. And I hope to inspire you to find and follow your dream. So we can follow our dreams together.


Everything happens for a reason. That’s what I believe. When I was planning to move back to The Netherlands for a 6-month project it felt right. I was looking forward to be around my family and friends for some time. Also because I wasn’t sure where I was heading after this project. I was sure about not staying in The Netherlands for ever. I just don’t see myself living there. So, this short period only for the project was perfect. I finish all my contracts, bought a flight and sold all my interior. I was ready to go! After a radio silence from the company for two weeks and only two weeks left before my flight, I knew something was up. My intuition is pretty strong and never leaves me alone, so I was already thinking ‘what if’?  I wasn’t so surprised when I got the phone call that the project was off the table, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. I could only think about the fact that I finished everything in Barcelona. I didn’t see a way to stay and actually I didn’t really want to stay. But what was I going to do in The Netherlands and how long would I stay. Was it a step backwards or the right move? I wasn’t sure. But I was looking forward to stay with family and friends  for some time. I didn’t care that much about the job to be honest. I was just sad and lost.

After calming down a friend of mine told me: Mariella, this is the moment to really listen to your heart. And she was right. The thing is, I didn’t need to dig deep or think hard. I knew it. I knew it all along. I was already planning it as my plan B, but I was afraid to say it out loud. Traveling was what I wanted. See coffee plantation. Work as a Barista in Australia. The job and money was gone, but I just had to find another way to make money.

Moving in with my parents and working as a freelance barista was the solution. Luckily I had a job right away and my parents welcomed me with open arm. So thankful! And so the new adventure could begin. And that’s what I’ve been up to. Working on festivals as a freelance barista and working hard on my blog and videos. And ofcourse planning my upcoming trip.

As for now the idea is to stay in Thailand for one month (Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, Pai, Chiang Mai, Surat Thani, Koh Phangan, Krabi). I will be here until the end of December and then I fly to Kuala Lumpur to spend NYE with some friends overthere. The plan is to be in Sumatra in January and visit coffee plantations. When I will go to Australia I don’t know yet. I just see how long I can survive traveling Asia with the money I have, but maybe I will already go to Australia in February. We will see! Can’t wait!

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