Summer is finally starting and the nights are getting more cosy with beautiful sunlight and pleasant temperature. It’s also the perfect weather to go around on my cruiser. My energy level is rising, because of this and it’s time to go out, do things and meet new people. That’s exactly what I did the last week. You can see it now in a new weekvlog.

I’ve started the week with a meeting over a beer at Garage Beer. Their beers are awesome and I’ve met with Ivonne from Tapp Water and I got my Tapp now (later more about this). On Tuesday my roommate came back from holiday and we had so much to talk. Wednesday I’ve been out for a drink to meet new people. Thursday I dedicated my time create my business cards, so I could print them the next day. I started my Friday with a coffee date and went to lot’s of different places and in the night I was exhausted and was together with my sofa squad (read: me and Cat). Saturday started a bit as a failure because I was totally ready to create a video about Tapp, but than the filter didn’t fit. But the day ended awesome at Van Van market (lot’s of food trucks and food). Sunday was back to work day and that was my great week. Enjoy!


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