Last week I had my first trip of the year and I had to go to my beautiful country. Staying in Amsterdam for two days and a couple of days with my friends and family.

I’ve been to Amsterdam for a training. I left on Wednesday morning and my parents already warned me the night before that there would be a big storm in The Netherlands, so a lot of flight were cancelled. I’ve check my flight before leaving to the airport. Everything should be fine. We started boarding like 15 minutes later, but all fine. Then when we were all in the plane, seatbelt fastened , ready to go. The pilot had an announcement. We couldn’t leave, yet. In Amsterdam there was only one landing strip in use, so we had to wait. The plan was to wait for 2,5h in the plane, so if we could leave earlier we were all ready. Not very fun, but I was happy that the flight wasn’t cancelled. In the end we could leave after waiting for two hours and after a bumpy flight I arrived in windy Amsterdam. My colleague from Oatly picked me up and we were both starving, so we went to The Avocado Show. You can’t make me more happy than bring me to a place where everything is made with avocado.

Happy belly and ready to visit some other places where Oatly is used and than it was time to go to the hotel. I was staying in beautiful Volkshotel (Wibautstraat, 150). Volkshotel is a place for single moms. For stockbrokers and punk rockers. For dandies and poets. Dishwashers and Underwater Welders. For biologists, night bloomers and artists. A place for everyone. How lovely this slogan. And when you’re staying here you feel how divers this hotel is. Great place to stay. I would definitely come back here. Super cosy and pretty room. Lot’s of space to work downstairs, friendly service and great breakfast in the restaurant on top of the hotel. I was happily surprised that there was super yummy batch brew for breakfast. So much choice of bread and stuff to put on and this all with an amazing view.

“I was happily surprised that there was super yummy batch brew for breakfast.”


After this awesome breakfast it was time to visit some places for Oatly and I’ve met some really cool people on the way. We also have been to The Coffee Virus, a coffeeshop inside a co-working space in Amsterdam North. I’ve been here almost three years ago and I wrote about it on my blog, but I was missing good photo’s so I took the blogpost down. But now I finally went back and made some new photos. This place has a nostalgic place in my heart. It was the day after the weekend of The Amsterdam Coffee Festival. A lovely Monday morning and I still had some time before taking the train to the south of the Netherlands. Whenever I am in Amsterdam I love taking the free ferry to North and wander around. This time I went to The Coffee Virus. I was just starting The Exploring Barista, I was just learning more about specialty coffee and that makes this experience to one I will never forget. I enjoyed an aeropress with coffee from (I guess) Ruanda from The Barn and it tasted like liquid honey. I was so impressed. Next to that the place looks really pretty with great service and baristas. So, when you are in Amsterdam you know where to go.

Last coffeeshop I’ve visit in Amsterdam was Naked Espresso. Pretty new in town (around 6 months old) and super close to Central Station, so perfect if you need to wait for your train. That’s what I did. The place looks pretty and cosy. Their coffee is roasted by Stoker especially for them. Pretty cool Slayer inside and high quality service. Soon more about this place!


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