So here I am again. A bit later due to some issues buttttt here is vlog 32. The week started a bit rough with a mega flu and cold, but during the week I was getting better and better. On Saturday there was the aeropress championship of Barcelona. Curious who won? Check it out. By the way, next week much more coffee inside my vlog. I promise.

The aeropress championship took place in Wer-Haus, a coffee and concept store in Carrer d’Arago. Lots of other coffee events took place here, like cupping and workshops. The place looks great and has this relaxing and clean atmosphere, which I really like and I can imagine it’s good against the nerves during a championship. I was actually working during the day, but luckily I was on time to see the semi- and finals. The aeropress championship takes place in different regions in Spain. The winner of every region will compete against each other and than there is a winner of Spain. I am very curious!


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