Hi there coffee & travel lovers! Welcome to my blog.

My name is Mariëlla, 28 years old and I’m the creator of The Exploring Barista. People call me a crazy coffee girl. My life is all about
specialty coffee. I even travel the world for it! My work and my free time are combined and related. You could say that I am working 24h a day,
but I prefer to say that I am practicing my passion every hour of the day. After working in several hospitality places I wanted to try something
different and with a growing coffee culture in The Netherlands I was curious about it. I found a job as a barista and I loved it. It was love at first sight!

My passion for coffee started back in 2012. This was my first experience with making coffee with a real espresso machine (Mirage – Kees van der Westen).
Coffee is an amazing product and since that moment I knew there is no way back. Coffee is my past, coffee is my future. I’ve started this blog
back in January 2016 to combine my two biggest passions in life; Coffee & Travel. So, The Exploring Barista is not only about where to
have a good cup of coffee
, but also where to sleep, eat and have fun.

After working for over five years a barista in different coffeeshops, it’s time for a new adventure. Dreams are made true! From January 2018
I will be officially self-employed
. My plan is to work freelance as a barista, trainer and consultant. Next to that I will focus on my blog and YouTube channel.
It’s pretty exciting and I am looking forward to this new adventure.
Wanna work with me? Take a look at my business page. (Coming Soon!)

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


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