2017 RECAP / 2018 GOALS

Before the end of the year I always make a recap of the year and make some goals for the upcoming year. Normally I write this down in my dairy, but this time I was thinking why not share it with the world?

Let me start with looking back on 2017. It was a different year. For long a long time it felt like it wasn’t really my year, just because I kept comparing it to 2016. And this was an awesome year career wise. 2017 was more about personal growth, but more about this later.


One of my favorite subjects to talk about. When I started to write down my destination of 2017 I realized that I can’t complain. Ive made some awesome trips and created a lot of coffee guides for my blog. My first trip was Berlin. This city was on my bucketlist for a long time and finally I was going to the city of The Barn, Five Elephant and Bonanza. We had amazing weather and I had an amazing time. Would love to go back in 2018. Up next, in Summer time, was Antwerp where I did my first Antwerp Coffee Tour. I combined my trip with visiting my family and Amsterdam. To end the Summer in a good way I went to Malaga (and Ronda) in October. It was still amazing weather and I was kind of ready for Autumn to come. During Autumn I started to plan my big trip to the North. I would go traveling for one month from Barcelona to Paris, Antwerp, my family, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. It was intense, but amazing. Met so many great inspiring people and I’ve been to so many coffeeshops.


Like I said before, this year was more about personal growth than growing career wise (although I did some pretty cool stuff). At the end of this year I realized that I know better what I want in life. Where I wanna go, what I wanna do, what makes me happy and who I want in my life. It makes me feel more stabile and calmer. Next to that I realized at the end of my big trip that I can feel home pretty much everywhere and that I am comfortable by myself. That was one of the biggest gifts of this year. I think I’m also getting better in saying no and stand up for myself, just because I know what I want in life and realizing that the only person that will stand up for me is, yes ME!


There is only one person that will stand up for me and that’s me – Babe, you got this.

Coffee / carreer was a bit different this year. No big changes until the end of the year. But I am proud of working at the IBCF (Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival) and All Those. At IBCF I was in charge of the cuppings and on All Those I was helping at the coffee workshops. It was great to work with coffee in a different way. I realized that I love working on events, working at different places all the time, with different people. This made me decide that I wanted to start working as a freelancer, so I could do more of this kind of jobs. A big decision, but it was neccesairy. I felt like standing still in my previous job. I couldn’t grow. Next to that my goal for 2017 was actually to work part-time or freelance by the end of 2017 and I totally reached this goals. Very happy and proud!


Up last, but not least is my blog, The Exploring Barista, and my videos. I get so much energy and happiness out of creating content and educating people with my platform that I would love to put more energy and time in this. That’s also why I’ve decided to work as a freelancer, so I can create my own schedule and hopefully I have the time, energy and inspiration to create more inspiring content for you guys. 2017 was already a year of more effort and time for my The Exploring Barista. I had my first collaboration in Berlin with Meininger and in Paris and Copenhagen I was staying at St. Christopher’s Inn where I created a video and an article for. I also decide to focus more on coffee in combination with travel. More coffee guides, but not only where to drink coffee but also where to sleep, eat and relax.


HELLO 2018


Now I know better where I wanna go,  how my life should look like it’s easier to make goals. Goals that will lead me in the right direction. This year I have the least goals, but hey quality over quantity right.

Goal – 1
Travel more.
I say this every year and I think I realize this every year, but this time I want to travel more work related. Business trips and hopefully I can get some clients outside Barcelona. My long time goals is to create my own Hospitality Consultancy and do some barista training and freelance barista jobs. First in Barcelona, Spain and aswell in Europe. My biggest dream is to be a digital nomad, coffee related ofcourse.



Goal – 2
Keep growing.
I don’t think I will grown in hight anymore, so let’s hope I can keep growing personally. I made big steps in 2017 and there are still some things that would help me to enjoy every day a bit more. Don’t get me wrong I am a very happy and positive Dutch girl, but I still ask a bit from myself sometimes. Thinking that I am not good enough, that I can do better, do more are popping up in my mind too often. A bit more self love would be nice. I hope I can appreciate more what I can actually do and what I am doing.

Goal – 3
Create a home. Something that I’ve realized the last couple of months is that I really miss a place for myself where I feel completely comfortable and calm and where I can relax. Especially now I start working for myself and probably will work harder than ever and working more from home, I need my own place. I’ve set the moving date on the end of March, so let’s see. It’s gonna be difficult to find a nice flat/studio in Barcelona, but I believe that I will find my home.




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