It has been some time that I was in Berlin, but I didn’t forget this city. I fell in love with the German capital and it was kind of love on first sight. Kind of, because I have been here before more than ten years ago. As you know now there is no traveling without coffee for me. Coffee is the main reason to visit a city or country. I was so curious about this Specialty Coffee culture. I’ve explored and here are my 10 coffees in Berlin.

I’ve been staying in the German capital for six days. I arrived on Thursday night (so no coffee anymore) and was leaving the city on Tuesday afternoon (yes coffees!). So, I had five days to enjoy and explore. This means ten coffees on this city trip. I really can’t handle more than two per day unfortunately. Today I am taking you on my coffee tour through Berlin. Viel Spaß.

DAY 1 – Coffee Nº 1

Welcome to Berlin! I woke up in a cosy bed in Meining Hotel in Mitte. Before going on this trip I realized that Mitte is full of Specialty coffee places and roasters, so I was full of energy and ready to go exploring on my first day. After breakfast in the hotel we were ready for our first German coffee. The plan was to go to The Barn, but after arriving there we figured out that there is a minimum of 10 euros by paying by card (TIP: like in almost every place!), so we walked to a ATM and next to it there was Röststätte. We decided to have our first coffee here. I’ve met one of the baristas in Barcelona at my job and it was great to see him making coffees over there. Röststätte is also a roastery, so they are using their own coffee. We enjoyed two different flat whites. One was made with blend Sinfonia (Brazil & Guatemala) and the other one with more fruity blend Novum (Kenya, Ethiopia & Guatemala). I liked them both. We couldn’t wait sipping, so that’s why the half empty cups on the photo.

DAY 1 – Coffee Nº 2
After a long day walking around the city we needed a caffeine break and we took it at Father Carpenter. It was getting sunny in Berlin (we actually had sun every single day) and my friend from The Netherlands who loves cold brew saw here change here. Sun + cold brew = happy face. Unfortunately cold brew season starts from April and it was March. But Father Carpenter had this bottled nitro by Brewbox, so we gave it a shot. It was a fruity tasty coffee, but I think bottled nitro is never the same as straight from the tap. I haven’t tried any other coffee, but they are using Fjord Coffee which is a project from them and SILO Coffee (later on more about this place). The place looks great and the little street is too cute and beautiful to handle. 

DAY 2 – Coffee Nº 1
We started this beautiful Saturday by waking up at The Barn with a flat white made with Brazilian beans. Chocolaty and grape notes worked very good with the milk. We have been to the The Barn Café, so I really need to go back to see the roastery. The shop is small and cosy and it was quiet crowded. We found a nice spot outside to enjoy our coffee in the sun.

DAY 2 – Coffee Nº 2
After seeing the East Side Gallery we went down to Markthalle Neun and Das Edelweiss in Görlitzer Park to enjoy a beer. A bit tipsy we walked around in Kreuzberg and I wanted to have a vegan doughnut at Brammibal, but they were sold out (are you kidding me?). So, I really need to come back here next time. Finally sober I needed another coffee and we were actually close to The Visit Coffee Roastery, which is also a roastery. The place looks great, even cosy while it’s all white. The barista was friendly and the flat white was tasty.

DAY 3 – Coffee Nº 1
On the third day we started with a big awesome breakfast. I am a sucker for pancakes and that’s why I wanted to go to Distrikt Coffee. Good coffee, good pancakes. And an awesome Spirit by Kees van der Westen. The coffee they use is from Fjord Coffee. The combination of fluffy pancakes and creamy flat white was perfect. The place looks amazing. Reminds me a bit to some coffee places in Amsterdam.

DAY 3 – Coffee Nº 2
Sunday in Berlin means Mauerpark. And that’s where we went after visiting the Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer. It was good to have some fun at the park, because this memorial was impressive. I can totally recommend to visit both. For our afternoon coffee we went to No Fire No Glory where they are using coffee from The Coffee Collective from Denmark. I am a fan of them and the barista knew me pretty well to advise this Kenya filter coffee. I brought a bag of this one home, because it was so full of flavor and totally my taste; fruity, acidic and rich.

DAY 4 – Coffee Nº 1
And than it was already day number four. Time flies when you’re exploring. Monday morning was about shopping, so we stopped for a coffee on our way to the shopping area. Ben Rahim it was! This place was on my list, because I love the concept of the place. A Specialty Coffee place with Arabic influences. The places looks amazing. And Im in love with the cups. Ben Ramin is using coffee from Square Mile Coffee Roasters from London. I enjoyed a flat white made with Red Brick blend: Brazil, Colombia & Ethiopia.

DAY 4 – Coffee Nº 2
After shopping all morning we were exhausted and crazy hungry, but we had plenty of time left. We decided to go more South, to Neukölln, to Two Planets. Heard a lot about this place run by an English guy and an Aussie. I also heard good things about the dope ass avocado toast, so that’s what we were aiming for. Guess what? Best avocado toast in Berlin (showing a photo soon in another blogpost about Berlin!). I’ve also took an iced latte for on my way to Tempelhof, the old airport that is turned into a huge park.

DAY 5 – Coffee Nº 1
It’s time for our last day in Berlin and our last two coffees. We were totally not ready to leave this awesome city yet, but well that’s life. Time of arriving, time of leaving. Anyway back to this last happy day with lovely coffeeshops. SILO Coffee was very high on my list, because it’s also very famous for their breakfast/brunch. I have to admit it. What people are saying about the place, it’s all true. Love the place, the food and the coffee. I took pancakes, which is more like a soufflé. It was good, but I won’t call them pancakes. And I had a flat white. My friend took eggs (best eggs she ate in Berlin) and a cup of Ethiopian fruity batch brew. As you may have read before, coffee by Fjord Coffee. Food photos are coming later.

DAY 5 – Coffee Nº 2
After having brunch at SILO we just walked to Five Elephant, because there wasn’t so much to do in the area. And actually I had an appointment at the roastery and Mariël was waiting at Five Elephant (the cake shop) Kreuzberg. The roastery is just around the corner and if you send them an email they maybe have time to show you around. I love to see other roasteries and meeting other passionated people. I can totally recommend it. I don’t have a photo from the cup of batch brew that I had and the cheesecake (tip!), but it was delicious. So fruity and full of flavor. I am a big fan of the coffee from Five Elephant. And the places are looking amazing. Good way to finish my Berlin coffee tour.


Check out the map to see where you can find all these places


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