People call me a crazy coffee girl and I guess they are right. Instead of crazy coffee girl you can call me Ella. 30 years old and my life is all about coffee. And traveling, but later more about this. I started working as a Barista back in 2012 and since the first coffee I've made with a real espresso machine I knew there was no way back. My love for specialty coffee was born. Since this I’ve been working for several coffee shops in The Netherlands and in Barcelona. To share my knowledge and passion I started to give barista trainings and with over 12 years working in the hospitality industry, I also can be hired as a consultant. Since June 2018 The Exploring Barista is not just a blog anymore, it is my my brand and my company.

My love for traveling has always been there, but it really flourished when I moved to Barcelona in 2014. To be part of another culture with another language was such an eye opener for me. I wanted more of this. With a long term interest in offline- and online media I knew I had to combine all of my passions and that’s how The Exploring Barista was born in 2015.

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Currently I am doing a project in Melbourne at Willow Urban Retreat.

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I can be hired in in the following areas:
Over 15 years of experience in several Hospitality businesses, in different roles and in different countries over the world.
Specialty coffee
Over 7 years working with coffee in The Netherlands, Spain and Melbourne.


As a Digital Nomad, The Exploring Barista, I travel the world to find the best specialty coffee and share this with the world. Find out more here.
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